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Best of Male Masterbation Toys: Fleshlight
    submitted by: admin

It should come as no surprise that the Fleshlight is one of the best male masterbation toys on the market because it’s easy to see why. The Fleshlight has realistic features such as soft and stretchy silicone flesh and designs that replicate each hole of the female body. The new improvements such as vibrations and discrete holders have only heightened its popularity.

Most male masterbation toys still require the man to do the work, and the Fleshlight is the same way. However, being able to personally control the speed and intensity of the masterbation helps to achieve a higher orgasm so a little work isn’t really a problem.

The price of the Fleshlight is probably the most appealing aspect since it falls into everyone’s price range. At only $60 a guy can get incredible orgasm after orgasm, unlike some other male masterbation toys that are either one time uses or really crappy. Quality of the product, quantity of orgasms, and the affordability makes the Fleshlight sit at the top five of toys for men.


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